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General Ministry Fund

Help support of the ministry through housing, food, clothing, hygiene products, learning materials, transportation, etc

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Mens/Women Homes

Help rescue a man or woman in your community from a life of drugs or crime. Help restore lives, families, and hope!

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Youth Homes

Support a youth in your community from a life of drugs or crime. Help restore these lives and prepare them for the future!

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Prison Ministry

Help us visit the prisoners with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Remember the prisoners as though in prison with them.
Hebrews 13:3

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Victory Life Church

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Our lives were out of control, we were strung out on drugs and lived a life full of sin. Three years ago my husband Ken came to Victory Life and his life was radically transformed by Jesus Christ. God called us to move  to Ben Wheeler, so we could be apart of the church and ministry, to help others experience the life changing love of Jesus Christ.

The Holbrook Family

When I came to Victory Life I was lost, broken, and completely hopeless. I had lost everything and everyone who was of any importance to me, including my son. I surrendered my life over to Christ, and He has restored back to me everything that I lost and  more. I am now able to give back by working with women that are struggling like I once was. I am forever grateful for Victory Life and I am thankful to be able to be apart of this church and ministry.

Valarie Taylor - Assistant Home Director